Choosing The Right Charter- 5 Tips

There are many things to take into consideration when booking a fishing trip…… these are 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Charter. Also, check out our FAQ page for common questions that we get asked by our charter guests!

1. Cheapest is NOT best. There are plenty of people who operate as fishing guides even though they aren’t trained, licensed, or bonded—and often, they’re the least expensive option. If a charter seems surprisingly low in cost, ask the captain to provide license numbers ahead of time, and ask about his or her credentials. There are also guide’s associations in most areas; if your captain isn’t a member, ask why.

2. Go fishing online, before you go fishing for real. There are plenty of fishing-oriented chat rooms where charter customers go to either praise or vent after a charter. Take it all with a grain of salt since some of the comments could come from people with an ax to grind, but if you detect a trend, take note.

This Tip (#3) we believe is probably the most important when choosing the right charter. We aren’t saying that size doesn’t matter- but it doesn’t matter much if your captain isn’t on his game!

3. Choose the captain, not the boat. You can be on a smaller, slower, or older boat and have a great time. But if the captain’s a bummer, you won’t have fun no matter how extravagant the boat may be.

4. When choosing the right charter, ask if they encourage catch and keep, or catch and release. Some boats kill everything and then sell all or some of the catch; others consider the fish your property; some are catch and release only. The only way to find out what’s what on a boat you’re considering is to ask, and knowing ahead of time will prevent disappointment.

5. Before you book, ask about tackle and techniques. Some boats troll, others cast light tackle, and a few do both. Choose one that uses your favorite tactic, unless your goal is to try something new.

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If you heed the advice of these 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Charter you should feel comfortable knowing that you’ve done your due diligence before you hit the water. Fishing should be exciting, thrilling- and even relaxing! Not stress inducing. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and hook some big ones!

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