Destin Amberjack Fishing

Destin Amberjack Fishing Facts

Destin Amberjack fishing starts August 1st and runs through October 31st. Also known as the “reef donkey”, the amberjack can grow up to 6′ long and weigh up to 200lbs. AJ’s are fighters, so if you are looking for a fun challenge, this is the fishing trip for you! How do you snag an AJ? Our captains chum these big fish up to the surface and then throw a live bait or large top water artificial at them. once they are fired up ensuring they take the hook. Though the fish are hooked near the surface of the water column they are very powerful and can find their way to structure near the bottom. If the angler is not prepared for the bite, the fish can often make it through the water column back down to the structure and find a way to break the angler off. Mr. Mark had a few AJ’s break him off, but finally got the hang of it and landed this stud!”If you’ve ever had a big grouper run you into structure after the bite, think of that much fish with a big powerful forked tail behind it, and you have an amberjack. Landing amberjack is more about getting them to the boat after they’re hooked than getting them to bite, and it requires some pretty serious gear. Unlike some fish, they don’t seem to tire out easily, and fight the whole 200 feet up to the boat.” – The online Fisherman

What are Amberjack?

Destin amberjack fishing is a trip you need to take at least once to understand the excitement of the catch! Greater amberjack are a member of the jack family (Carangidae).  They are typically a silvery-blue, with yellow shading along the lateral line, and a dark brown diagonal band through the eye.  Their tail is deeply forked.  The Gulf of Mexico stock is thought to be distinct from the Atlantic.  Greater amberjack are a reef-associated species typically caught between depths of 59 to 236 ft (18 and 72 m). (Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council)

State issued recreational license/angler registry, federal angler registry or Federal charter/headboat permit for reef fish is required to go fishing for Amberjack in Destin. Making sure your charter has obtained all the necessary permits is important. Panhandle Fishing Charters takes care of this for you. Our captains are fully licensed and follow all fwc rules and regulations. All you have to do is hook a big one and get ready for a fight!

Ready to go Destin amberjack fishing? Contact us for more information about how to book your charter!

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