Do I need a Florida Fishing License to fish in Florida?

The short answer is yes, with many exceptions. We’ll cover those exceptions in a bit. A license is required for saltwater and freshwater fishing, in addition to permits for Snook and Lobster. One can also purchase a combined license, such as saltwater and freshwater. For those avid anglers, a Florida lifetime fishing license can be purchased as well ( In time, this can be economical and save you the hassle of renewing your license annually. What about non-residents? Non-residents require a license as well. Overall, there are many exceptions to these requirements. For instance, residents under 16 and over 65 do not require a license (click here to learn about discounted lifetime rates for minors). For the complete list of exemptions, check out the following link: One other way to avoid purchasing a fishing license is to charter a boat.

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