UPDATED: 08/08/2023

With emerald-colored waters and spectacular fishing, it is no wonder there are so many Destin Florida fishing charters. Just an online search of “fishing charters Destin Fl” can yield results that are overwhelming to sift through. However, if you’re reading this, you’re in luck as your journey has ended. This is because you’ve discovered the best charter fishing in Destin. Panhandle Fishing Charters is Destin’s premier fishing and boat charters. Of course, just informing you that they’re the best is easy enough, but why are they?

Low rates with friendly and experienced captains – The best of Destin Florida Fishing Charters!

Compare Panhandle Fishing Charters’ rates with other companies in the area, and you’ll find they’re not only competitive, but have some of the lowest prices in the area. I know what you’re thinking, “is this one of those times where I get what I pay for?” “Should I be paying more for better quality?” The answer is no, not in this case. Low rates and quality service are just a couple of things that set them apart. Of course, safety is paramount when operating a vessel. No one understands that more than Captain Joey. He’s been at it since he could walk, learning the ropes from his father and grandfather. At just 15, he was hired as an independent mate, one of the youngest ever on a well-known fishing charter boat in the Destin Harbor. Captain Joey prides himself on safety, service, and customer satisfaction and has the following credentials to run a safe and smooth charter: 100 Ton Captain License, USCG certified, Maritime Consortium Drug Card and CPR Certification. Low rates, experienced and qualified captains, but what about the trips?

Greatest selection of trips in Destin!

As with most anything, it’s good to have options. With Panhandle Fishing Charters, you do! Bay fishing, gulf fishing, bow fishing and shark fishing are just some of the popular trips Panhandle Fishing Charters offers. Maybe you’re wondering how to get to Crab Island. No worries, they offer trips to Crab Island as well. Finally, perhaps you’re thinking “what about the kids?” They offer the best kid friendly fishing charters in Destin. Low rates, experienced and qualified captains and great trip selection are just a few of the qualities that make Panhandle Fishing Charters unique. So, now it’s safe to end your search for Destin Florida fishing charters and book with Panhandle Fishing Charters today!

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Panhandle Fishing Charters adheres to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regulations. The FWC’s goal is to regulate and manage our fishing industry so that no fish or marine wildlife becomes endangered or extinct. Check out their website: https://myfwc.com/

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