Crab Island Destin Florida: 3 Misconceptions

Featured photo courtesy of Crab Island Destin Florida Facebook Page and My Destin Beach.

Crab Island Destin Florida is a popular place to visit, and for good reasons. Its beautiful, clear shallow water make it a great place to anchor and play in the sun. It’s a popular place to socialize, paddleboard or simply just cool off on a hot day. However, Crab Island is not for everyone and, as with any popular destination, opinions are varied and highly subjective. With such subjectivity, it is beneficial to highlight some common misconceptions.

1. Crab Island is Free of Danger

While it is true that Crab Island itself contains shallow manageable waters, one must be careful with the surrounding areas. There are swift currents beyond Crab Island that can be deadly! It’s a safe bet to get to the island by boat or other water craft. It can get crowded, so watch out for other boats, boat anchors and intoxicated visitors. The Crab Island Destin Florida Facebook page has a great post that you should read by clicking HERE.

2. Crab Island Destin Florida is Perfect for Kids

To clarify, Crab Island welcomes kids and it’s likely that they would have fun. However, it is important to note that Crab Island can have its share of loud music and frequent alcohol consumption. This is NOT to say that everyone there is drunk and irresponsible, but that parents should understand the atmosphere before deciding to bring the family. If the kids want to go, perhaps getting out in the morning hours would be best and avoiding popular times of year, like spring break.

3. The Best Way to get to Crab Island is by Taking Your Own Boat

The best way to get to Crab Island Destin Florida is by booking a trip with Panhandle Fishing Charters. They offer half & full-day trips to Crab Island. They provide the fuel and ice – just bring your snacks, drinks and sunscreen! They’ll drive you out to Crab Island, anchor up, and wait until your designated departure time, then bring you home. No worrying about a DD (until you hit land, then they’ll call you an Uber!) Crab Island not for you? They offer many other great trips, including Kids Fishing! Book your adventure of a lifetime today!


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