3 Reasons to try Destin Winter Fishing

Destin winter fishing is often overlooked by some. Perhaps it is because some folks treat fishing as seasonal. Well, they’d be right, it is seasonal. Not because of the weather (especially in Destin), but due to the many fish that are in season during the winter. Many people have asked, “what kind of fish can you catch in January?” Also, “can you fish in Destin in December?” Simply put, many and YES! To avoid the quick and easy answer, we’ll explore just what types of fish are in season during the Destin winter. This and more as we provide 3 reasons to try Destin winter fishing!

1. The Fish are Biting

Winter in Destin, FL provides some great fishing! Some species still hang around from the warmer months, but some not so much. You can expect to catch Red Fish, Flounder, Trout, Black Snapper, Mingo, White Snapper, Red Snapper, maybe a few Grouper, and Trigger Fish. As a great fishing destination, it’s not surprising that Destin has some of the most protected fishing laws. This is done to keep the population healthy and abundant for you to enjoy! For a better understanding, please visit the FWC’s website.

2. The Weather is Great for Destin Winter Fishing

Unlike our neighbors to the north, the winter months in Destin are quite mild. The winter produces the least amount of rainfall. This is helps with avoiding any rainouts or delays for your big fishing trips. During the winter months, the average highs are around the low to mid-60’s and the lows in the mid-40s. So, certainly you’ll still need a jacket, especially on the water, but it beats huddling around a hole in the ice. So visit Destin in the winter, where the only ice you’ll encounter will be in the cooler!

3. The ONLY way to fish with Panhandle Fishing Charters!

Quite likely the best reason to try Destin winter fishing, is that it’s the only area to enjoy a fishing charter with Panhandle Fishing Charters! Based out of Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Panhandle Fishing Charters are the area’s finest! They make your fishing trip so much easier, with experienced captains and they even take care of your license! They have many adventures to choose from. Shark fishing, bay fishing, kids trips and even bow fishing, to name just a few. Once you book your adventure, you can check out their new online shop. Once there, you can get some new threads that will have you comfortable in style while you enjoy your trip. Finally, consider online booking for internet only rates! Have questions? Check out their FAQs or contact them. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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