In December, inshore fishing in Destin, Florida, offers a diverse range of species that are active in the relatively cooler waters. However, while specific availability can vary, here is What’s Biting in Destin: December

  1. Redfish (Red Drum):
    • Known for their powerful fights, redfish are a staple of inshore fishing in Destin. They can be found around grassy flats, oyster bars, and nearshore structures.
  2. Speckled Trout:
    • Speckled trout are a popular catch in December. They tend to move to deeper channels and holes as temperatures drop. So we look for them around oyster bars, estuary mouths, and channels.
  3. Flounder:
    • Flounder are bottom-dwelling fish and can often be found near sandy or muddy areas. They are known for their unique appearance with both eyes on one side.
  4. Sheepshead:
    • Sheepshead are commonly found around structures like docks, bridges, and piers. They have a reputation for being bait-stealers, so a bit of finesse in bait presentation is key.
  5. Black Drum:
    • Similar to redfish, black drum are often found in similar areas. They are known for their size and can provide an exciting fight for anglers.
  6. Whiting:
    • Whiting are abundant in the winter months and can often be found in the surf or nearshore. They are a favorite target for anglers looking for a tasty catch.
  7. Spanish Mackerel:
    • While Spanish mackerel are more commonly associated with warmer months, they can still be found in December, especially around nearshore structures and along the beaches.
  8. Pompano:
    • Pompano are often found in sandy areas and are known for their speed and agility. They can be targeted using a variety of baits, including shrimp and sand fleas.

What’s Biting in Destin: December

However, equally important is to remember that fish behavior can be influenced by factors such as water temperature, weather conditions, and tidal movements. Consulting with local fishing guides or checking in with bait shops can provide real-time information on what’s biting and where. Additionally, we follow all fishing regulations and size limits required for sustainable and responsible angling.

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