Cast & BLAST

What’s better than a day of fishing?

A day of fishing and hunting!

Our “Cast and Blast” adventure provides the best of both worlds! Hook a big one early, then head out the the banks to duck hunt!

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What should we bring?

  • In addition to a Florida hunting license, each person will require a Federal Duck Stamp, Florida Waterfowl Permit and a Migratory Bird Permit (no license required for children under 16). We take care of your fishing license. For more information on hunting licenses and purchase options, please visit:
  • Shotgun & shells
  • Dress appropriately for both a fishing charter and a duck hunt. Waders are recommended for the hunting portion. Please visit our FAQ page for more info on fishing charters.


Where will we hunt?

There are several great locations in the area. Many factors are considered when choosing the best place. Meeting locations/times will be communicated no earlier than 72 hourse before the trip. 

How long will the hunt last?

When limits are reached or when the alotted trip time is up, whichever occurs first.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes! But ONLY for those who will NOT be hunting. We just ask that there are no glass bottles aboard our boats. We reserve the right to terminate the hunting portion of the trip for anyone who is, or even appears to be intoxicated.

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